• 1afg_01

    A young girl peeks around a door to watch as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Ruud Lubbers, visits her refugee camp in Qadriabad, Pakistan in October 2001.

  • 1afg_03

    An Afghan boy is comforted by Pakistani police officers as he cries while waiting for his father just inside the border of Chaman, Pakistan in October 2001. The boy was allowed to cross into Pakistan from Afghanistan, but not his father.

  • 1afg_04

    An Afghan refugee carries her daughter in a refugee camp on the border of Pakistan in October 2001. Thousands of refugees spilled into Pakistan to flee the fighting between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance.

  • 1afg_05

    Palwasha cries while speaking to an Islamic relief worker in a hospital tent at the UNHCR camp just inside the Pakistani border in October 2001. The woman, who is from Kabul, lost her husband and three of her six children when a Taliban rocket launcher hit her home.

  • 1pak_06

    A demonstrator holds the Jammiat Ulama-e-Islam flag during a pro-Taliban rally in Quetta, Pakistan in October 2001. The Jammiat Ulama-e-Islam is a fundamentalist political party in Pakistan.

  • 1pak_05

    Demonstrators cheer while holding Jammiat Ulana-e-Islam flags during a pro-Taliban rally in Quetta, Pakistan in October 2001.

  • 1pak_17

    Pakistani men participate in afternoon prayers at a mosque in Quetta, Pakistan in October 2001.

  • 1pak_07

    Demonstrators hold a poster of Osama bin Laden while marching in support of the Taliban in November 2001 Ralwapindi, Pakistan.

  • 1pak_12

    Demonstrators burn an effigy of U.S. President George W. Bush during a pro-Taliban rally at a stadium in Quetta, Pakistan in October 2001.

  • 1pak_10

    Members of the Pakistani Anti-Terrorist Squad carry away a pro-Taliban demonstrator after arresting him in Quetta, Pakistan in November 2001.

  • 1afg_06

    Maabi sits with her daughter Wazera, who was suffering from a head injury and partial blindness, in a hospital in Quetta, Pakistan in October 2001. Wazera was brought to the hospital after being injured in the U.S. attacks in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

  • 1pak_01

    A boy covers his eyes as he looks toward the setting sun in the Afghan enlcave of Katchi Abadi near Islanabad, Pakistan in November 2001. The area was established as a refugee camp when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

  • 1pak_18

    A Pakistani guard stands at the border with Aghanistan in Chaman, Pakistan while refugees who have not been permitted to enter line up on the Afghan border in October 2001.

  • 1pak_19

    A dust storm slams into refugees trying to pass into Pakistan from Afghanistan in October 2001.