Air Force Pararescue ›

Pararescuemen walk line between fierce warrior, caring savior


Combat Company ›

Five U.S. troops killed in IED blast in Afghanistan

MEDEVAC Afghanistan

Medevac ›

Calm in the Midst of Chaos is Life Saving Protocol


Pathfinders I ›

Pathfinders' preparedness is tested by deadly IED blasts

101st Airborne Division Pathfinders

Pathfinders II ›

Pathfinders pulled back into war soon after losing six teammates


Homecoming ›

The journey home: A bittersweet return caps costly deployment

Air Force Pararescue

Wounded Return to Battle ›

Growing number of troops return to battle after suffering severe wounds

Hajikhell Afghanistan

96 Hours ›

Haunted by deaths, company sets out on final mission in Afghanistan


Ghundy Ghar ›

At Kandahar outpost, US soldiers have built trust with Afghan counterparts